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Hardly has this blog been running for a couple of weeks, the silly spam comments (commercial and so on) not related to the content of the blog appeared already. My rule as the responsible guy for this blog is simple. I delete every comment that smells like “non-related topic” (yes, even those advertising viagra!) immediately.

Any other comments about Hungarian are welcome and I’ll answer each of your questions you might have!

Thank you, a somewhat angry blog boss 🙂


How are you?

Hogy? – How?
you are – vagy
You (Sir) are – van/vannak

Hogy vagy? / How are you?
-Jól vagyok, köszönöm. És te? /I’m fine, thanks. How about you?
-Megvagyok. / So so.

-Hogy vagy? / How are you?
-Rosszul. Egész nap féj a fejem. / I feel unwell. I have a headache all day.

-Hogy van (Ön)? / How are you (sir)?
-Kiválóan, köszönöm. / I’m feeling great. Thank you.

NOTE! If you call someone sir/Mr./Ms. the substantive verb is in 3rd PS or 3rd PP!!!

Hogy vannak, uraim? / How are you, gentlemen?
Fantasztikusan. / We feel fantastic.